Event Funnel (with Replay)

Funnel Goal: Generate attendees for an event (e.g. a webinar)

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Use this funnel to promote and deliver a live event, such as a webinar or live stream.

This funnel is made up of 3 pages:

  1. Webinar Page

  2. Replay Page

  3. Thank You Page

If you're working on a campaign right now, make sure you have these 3 funnel pages in your campaign. Otherwise, you can create a new funnel using the "Event Funnel (with Replay)"

From the dashboard, click the [+] button at the bottom of the screen to load the marketing templates. Do a keyword search for "Event Funnel (with Replay)"

Step 1 - Select Page Templates

Once you've have all 3 pages in the campaign, select page templates for each one. You can always change a page template by clicking the "Template" tab on the left menu.

Step 2 - Setup Your Pages

  • Webinar Page - The Webinar Page is the very first page on the funnel, it's main goal is to convert a page visitor to sign up for your webinar. The webinar itself can be held in a webinar platform like Zoom or GotoWebinar.

  • Replay Page - After the webinar, the replay page is where they can view the webinar again. It gives you the opportunity to encourage them to purchase your product / service by adding an option to sign up or purchase something.

  • Thank You Page - After they watch the replay and have decided to purchase, they will be redirected to this page to confirm that their purchase was successful.

Tip: Webinars are one of the most powerful online selling mediums. It's as close to "one-on-one" sales as you can get.

Tip: At the live event, deliver some of your BEST content to demonstrate you or your product's capabilities, then make a strong, compelling offer (loosely following the format we've given for an effective "sales" page - see tips for a "Sale" funnel), then send them to a "Sale" Funnel

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