Fulfillment Funnel

Funnel Goal: Fulfill a recent purchase/subscription

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Use this funnel to deliver the item promised in the previous step. This can be a PDF download, software account, membership site, or simply a “Thank You” page with confirmation that you have received their order.

This funnel is made up of 1 page: Thank You Page

You can add this page to a funnel that you're working on or create a new funnel using the "Fulfillment Funnel"

From the dashboard, click the [+] button at the bottom of the screen to load the marketing templates. Do a keyword search for "fulfillment funnel"

Step 1 - Select a Page Template

Click Edit Page, then select a page template. You can always change a page template by clicking the "Template" tab on the left menu.

Step 2 - Setup Your Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the last page in the funnel, it's main goal is to convey the message that action done on the previous step was successful.

Tip: "Buyers remorse kicks" in the moment after a purchase has been made. Use this as an opportunity to thank & re-assure your new customer/subscriber for getting to this step, ask them to "white list" your email address, and delight them with a SURPRISE bonus.

Page Set-up

  • If your Thank You page is part of a campaign, make sure that the previous step on your campaign is connected to this page so that visitors will be redirected to this page after they complete the action on the previous step

  • If it's simply a Thank You page, just make sure that your message is clear and concise. Your page visitor should know what they need to do next upon visiting this page.

  • If you promised that they will be able to download content on that page, make sure an element in the page that has action settings is set to "Download a File" then paste in the URL for that file.

Step 5 - Publish Your Campaign

Since this is a single page, just click the "Publish button from inside the page editor. However if this page is part of the final, exit the page you're working on, then click the "Publish" button on the campaign builder to publish all the pages in your campaign.

Step 6 - Test Your Page

That's it! Don't forget to test your page before promoting it to your audience.

  • Access the page where the page visitor is asked to complete an action (e.g. submit your name and email to download the pdf)

  • Complete the action to be redirected to the Thank You page

  • Click the download icon to test if the file will be downloaded

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