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Test which of page is performing better!

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Split testing is a very useful tool for you to check which of your pages perform better. With the A/B split testing component added to your funnel, your customers will be sent randomly to the pages that you are testing. You will be able to observe the results and select the page that’s working best for you. It will give you an idea on what you need to change or add to your page to make it more interesting for your visitors and more efficient for your business.

1. Open the Drag and Drop Builder

  • Open your funnel

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select Open Drag-and-Drop-Builder

2. Add an AB Split Testing Component

  • Click the Add [+] Button to slide out the New Pages menu.

  • Click the Destination from the outer left menu.

  • Drag the AB Split Testing component to the builder

  • Connect the AB Split Testing component to the pages you want to test

3. Publish your Funnel

  • Click Publish to publish all the pages in the funnel

  • Exit the pop up that appears after publishing

  • Click the AB Split Testing component to load the URL on the upper left corner

  • Access the AB Slit Testing URL. You should be redirected to one of the pages that you want to test. You can try again a few times, to see if it will redirect you to the other page.

4. View the AB Test Results

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select View Stats. The page thumbnails will change to numbers.

  • The numbers in the page indicates the number of visits for that page

  • The percentage in the line refers to the number of conversions after visiting the page

Tip: You may get more significant results if you test only 2 pages with minor differences. The more pages and variations you have, the harder it is to measure the success of the page

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