The Divider Widget is another way to organize your page by placing a horizontal line to separate objects in a cluster. Instead of uploading an image of a line, this widget makes it one step easier.

Add a Divider to a Page

Click the Add [+] Button to slide out the Page Elements menu. Click the Divider element from the menu, then drag it to a section on the page.

Property Settings Menu

Click the [settings icon] to load the property settings of the Divider object.

  • Divider Style
  • Divider Width
  • Divider Size
  • Divider Color
  • Divider Position
  • Alignment

Divider Style

You can choose whether to have a horizontal or vertical divider

Divider Width

Use the width dials to adjust the width of the Divider object

Divider Size

Use the width dials to adjust the height of the Divider object

Divider Color

You can choose a color for the divider. If you have a “hex color code” you can simply type it

Divider Position

You can move the divider's position upward or downward


You can set alignment of the divider to the left, center, or right

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