The Page Editor

The Page Editor is where you customize the design of your page.

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This is the screen that you will see when you open a page. Here you can start editing the page by adding elements (e.g. buttons, pictures, videos, text etc.) to the page and by changing the settings of those elements. 

To get to the page editor, click the Edit Page Button from the simple campaign builder or double-click the page from the advanced campaign builder.

  1. Page Canvas - this is the layout of your page, you can edit, add and delete other page elements in this area.

  2. Back to Funnel Builder - click to exit the Page Builder, this will redirect you to the Campaign Builder.

  3. Templates - click to select a page template. If it's your first time opening a page for editing, it will automatically show you the template selection.

  4. Editor - click to start editing your page. 

  5. SEO - add your meta keywords and description.

  6. Campaign Settings / Payment Settings - select your autoresponder and list to be used for the lead capture page or select your 3rd party merchant provider for the order page.

  7. Tracking - place tracking pixel codes that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.

  8. Undo - click to undo an action that you have performed on the page canvas. 

  9. Menu - click to go to the Dashboard, Funnel Catalog, Domain Names or Help & Support.

  10. Add [+] - click to open the page elements menu, then select an element to drag to the page.

  11. Page Objects Menu - click to see a list of all the items in your page. Click on the item from the list to edit the item, double-click the item to rename it and click the hide / show icon to hide the item in the page.

  12. Hierarchy of Page Elements - shows you the layer hierarchy of the selected object on the page. 

  13. Page Title - click to change the title of the page.

  14. Save Status - when changes are done to the page, it automatically saves it and you'll see the save time stamp on the save status. 

  15. Preview - click to preview the page without publishing.

  16. Publish - click to publish the page.

  17. Avatar - click to update your profile, manage your domains, add 3rd party integrations and log out of your account. Click here to learn more. 

  18. Responsive Switch - click to view the page in different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile, or full view). You can edit and customize the page object’s styling, spacing, and position according to these views. Click here to learn more.

  19. Live Chat – click here to reach out to the 10MF Support Team for any questions you may have, Live Chat Support is available from 9am to 5pm EST during Weekdays. Click here to learn more about how to contact support. 

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