Add a Lead Magnet

Learn how to upload a file to the internet and have users download the file from your 10MF page

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Lead magnets are little incentives such as e-books, pdfs, checklists and other giveaways that can lure page visitors to become potential buyers in exchange for their email address, or other contact information. 

On this article you'll learn how to add a your lead magnet to your campaign.


1. Upload your Lead Magnet File to the internet

  • You can use a 3rd party account to store your lead magnet file (e.g. e-book pdf file) to the internet such as Google Drive or Dropbox

  • Copy the shareable link of the file. You will insert this later in your campaign.

  • Tip: If you're using Dropbox, you can change the last part of the link from "0" to "1" so that when the link is accessed, the file automatically downloads to the user's computer. 


(Original Dropbox link) When clicked, the file opens in your browser.

(Edited Dropbox link} When clicked, the file is saved to your computer.



2. Create a Campaign

  • Select the Simple Lead Capture Funnel

  • Select page templates for your Lead Capture Page and Thank You Page


3. Add an Autoresponder to Your Campaign

  • Open your Lead Capture Page for editing

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select your autoresponder then click Next. 

  • Select which campaign from the autoresponder should the contact information be saved to, then click Next. 

  • Click OK.

4. Set your CTA Button in your Lead Capture Page

  • Open your Lead Capture Page for editing

  • Double-click the CTA Button or click the settings icon on the CTA button in your Lead Capture Page to slide out the button settings

  • Select Button Actions

  • Select Submit This Form

  • Select Go to the Next Page on the second dropdown


5. Set your CTA Button in your Thank You Page

  • Open your Thank You Page for editing

  • Add a CTA button to your page if you don't have one yet. Click the add [+] button and drag a button to your page.

  • Double-click the CTA Button or click the settings icon on the CTA button in your Thank You Page to slide out the button settings.

  • Select Button Actions

  • Select Download a File

  • Click Choose a File > Enter a Custom URL on the second dropdown

  • Paste in the URL of your file (from Step 1)

  • Click OK

6. Publish Your Funnel

  • Click < My Funnel from the Page Builder to go back to the Campaign Builder

  • Click Publish to publish all the pages in your campaign


7. Test Your Funnel

  • Access the live URL of your Lead Capture Page

  • Enter your name and email, then submit. 

  • Click the CTA Button on your Thank You Page

You should expect the following: 

  • Be redirected to the Thank You Page

  • Your name and email should be saved in your autoresponder

  • Your lead magnet should open on your browser or be downloaded to your computer

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