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Learn how to redirect from your current funnel to a page from a different funnel

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The Another Funnel component allows you to connect a page from the current funnel you’re working to another page from another funnel.  In a nutshell, the Another Funnel component extends your funnel to another existing funnel.


1. Open the Advanced Campaign Builder

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select Advanced Campaign Builder

2. Add an Another Funnel Component

  • Click the Add [+] button

  • Click Destination

  • Select the Another Funnel component and drag to the campaign

3. Select the Campaign

  • Double click the Another Funnel component

  • Choose the funnel that you would like to link to

  • Choose the page from that funnel that you would like to link to


4. Connect Your Page to the Another Funnel Component

  • Drag an arrow from your page (e.g. Sales Page) to the Another Funnel component

  • Open your page for editing

  • Click the CTA button on the page to slide out the settings

  • On button actions, make sure it's set to Go to the next page

5. Publish Your Funnel

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