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Integrate with any merchant or shopping cart by inserting the shopping cart URL to your campaign

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10 Minute Funnels can integrate with any merchant or shopping carts like Shopify, PayPal, InfusionSoft ClickBank etc. just by pasting in the URL of the shopping cart to the campaign.

1. Open the Advanced Campaign Builder

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select Advanced Campaign Builder


2. Add a Shopping Cart Component

  • Click the Add [+] button

  • Click Destination

  • Click Shopping Carts

  • Select the Shopping Cart component and drag to the campaign

Note: If you can't find the shopping cart you need, you can use the "Another Shopping Cart"

3. Insert the Shopping Cart URL

  • Double click the shopping cart

  • Paste in the shopping cart URL

4. Connect Your Page to the Shopping Cart Component

  • Drag an arrow from your page (e.g. Sales Page) to the Shopping Cart component

  • Open your page for editing

  • Click the CTA button on the page to slide out the settings

  • On button actions, make sure it's set to Go to the next page

5. Publish Your Funnel

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