You can connect pages from a different funnel to your funnel by using the "Existing Pages" feature. 


1. Open the Advanced Campaign Builder

  • Click Campaign Settings
  • Select Advanced Campaign Builder

2. Add the Existing Page from Another Funnel

  • Click the Add [+] button
  • Select Existing Pages
  • Select the campaign where the page is from
  • Select the page from the campaign

3. Connect the Pages

  • Drag an arrow from your page to the existing page from another funnel
  • Open your page for editing
  • Click the CTA button on the page to slide out the settings
  • On button actions, make sure it's set to Go to the next page

The existing page is NOT A COPY of the page, it is the actual page from the other funnel. If you try to open that page from your funnel, it will open that page on a new window. 

4. Publish the Funnel

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