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Publish your page and locate your page URL

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The URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the location of a page on your website. For example, is the URL of 10 Minute Funnels' website. 

By default, every 10MF page is assigned a default URL that looks something like this:


Make the Page URL Live

To make your URLs work, you need to publish the pages first to access the live page. If the URL is accessed without publishing, it will redirect to a 404 page.

Publish The Whole Campaign

  • Open the Campaign

  • Click the Publish Button

Publish a Single Page 

  • Open the Page

  • Click the Publish Button


Locate your Page URL

From Publish Window

  • Click the Publish button from your campaign builder or from inside the page editor

  • After publishing, a pop up window will appear to confirm the publish

  • The URL should appear on the window and a button to visit the live page

  • Note: If you're publishing the whole campaign, it will only show you the URL of the first page in your campaign, to see the other URLs, access it directly from the campaign builder

From the Simple Campaign Builder 

  • The subdomain and domain name should appear below the campaign title

  • The page slug should appear below the page title when you hover on the page

  • To access the live page, click the checkbox icon at the end of the page slug

From the Advanced Campaign Builder

  • Single click the page, the URL should appear below the campaign title

  • To access the live page, click the URL

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