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Linking pages in 10 Minute Funnels is done by connecting a line between the 2 pages or by assigning an action to a button on the page to trigger a redirection to another page.


Connecting a Line

To connect pages to one another, simply drag the arrow from one component to another to connect them and click the delete button in the middle of the arrow line to delete a connection.

To be able to connect 10 Minute Funnel pages by connecting lines, you need to open the Advanced Campaign builder where you will have a bird's eye view of your campaign. When pages are connected, this means that when a button is clicked from Page A, the user is redirected to Page B.

  • Open your campaign

  • Click Campaign Settings

  • Select Open Campaign Builder (this is the Advanced Campaign Builder)

  • Click on the arrow icon from Page A and drag the line to Page B to connect them

To remove the connection, click the delete button in the middle of the arrow line.


Connecting through Button Actions

If you want to connect a 10 Minute Funnels page to other pages that is not in the same funnel, you can assign a specific action to a button so that it redirects to that particular page.

  • Open your page for editing

  • Click the settings icon or double click the CTA button on your page to slide out the button property settings

  • Click Button Actions from the settings

  • Select an action from the dropdown (.e.g. Link to Page)

  • Choose the page to link to (e.g. Enter a Custom URL)

  • Paste in the URL of the page that you want to connect

To remove the connection, select "Do Nothing" on button actions.

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