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Build a Campaign From Scratch
Build a Campaign From Scratch

Learn how to create a funnel from start to end

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Believe it or not, all the funnels and page templates that we have are made using the software, so you can also easily create them from scratch. 


Build From Scratch

1. Create New Campaign

If you'll create your first campaign, just click the [Create New Campaign] button.


If you already have campaigns on your account, you'll have a different view of your Campaigns Dashboard. To create a new campaign, simply click the [+] icon at the lower right section of the page to create a new campaign.

2. Select "Blank Campaign (Start from Scratch)" and click Launch.


3. Give your campaign a name.

4. Click Create Your First Page.


5. Give your page a name and click OK.


6. Choose the "Blank Page" template and click Use This Template.


7. Add Objects to the page.

Tip: Add containers first to make sections on your page. This will help you organize your page as it houses page objects that should be grouped together.

  • Click the Add [+] button 

  • Select a page object and drag to the page

8. Edit the page. 

  • Double click the object or single click the gear icon on the object label to slide out the property settings

  • To edit the text content for Text and Headline, just type directly on the page

9. Add more pages to your campaign.

When you're done editing your first page, you can add more pages to your campaign. 

  • Click the My Funnel back button on the upper right corner to go back to your campaign builder.

  • Click the Add [+] button to add a new page and follow steps 5 to 8


10. Add 3rd-Party Integrations.

Whether you're creating a lead funnel, sales funnel or just a simple website, you will need to integrate a 3rd party autoresponder to collect lead information, a merchant provider to collect payment or add a custom domain to personalize your site. 


11. Publish Your Funnel.

That's it, you're done! Just publish your funnel and test it out. 

  • Click the Publish button on your campaign builder

  • Click Visit Page Now to access your first page on live mode

  • To access the other live pages, click the the check box icon below your page name

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