Simple Lead Capture Funnel

Funnel Goal: Generate Leads

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Use this funnel to capture leads (emails, phone numbers, etc.). This funnel begins with a Lead Capture Page that is used to convince visitors to sign up and leave their contact information without any commitment of purchasing anything. 

It usually takes up to 7 touches (point of contact) before a prospects is ready to buy, so with this funnel, you can capture your prospect’s email, then you can contact them later to further promote your campaign.

This funnel is made up of 2 pages:

  1. Lead Capture Page

  2. Thank You Page

If you're working on a campaign right now, make sure you have these 2 funnel pages in your campaign. Otherwise, you can create a new funnel using the "Simple Lead Capture Funnel" 


From the dashboard, click the [+] button at the bottom of the screen to load the marketing templates. Do a keyword search for "simple lead capture funnel"

Step 1 - Select Page Templates

Once you've have all 2 pages in the campaign, select page templates for each one. You can always change a page template by clicking the "Template" tab on the left menu. 

Step 2 - Setup Your Lead Capture Page

The Lead Capture Page is the very first page on the funnel, it's main goal is to convert a page visitor to a prospect. 

Tip #1:  The length of your landing page will help you in deciding which position is best for your capture form. If your page content is short, you should place your form above the fold. If your page is content is long you can place the form above the fold and below the fold as well.

Tip #2: Your CTA button must have a contrasting color to the rest of your landing page so as to stand out. It must be big enough to be noticed by all visitors. The CTA has to have a personalized copy.


Page Set-up

  • Make sure there is a form field in the page to capture the prospects information (e.g. Email Field and Name Field)

  • Make sure a call-to-action button is in place on the page. 

  • Set the button action to "Submit This Form" and "Go to the Next Page" (the next page is the Thank You Page)

Step 3 - Connect Your Autoresponder

Step 4 - Select a List

Select the autoresponder list where the prospect's information should be added

Step 5 - Publish Your Campaign

Exit the page you're working on, then click the "Publish" button on the campaign builder to publish all the pages in your campaign.

Step 6 - Test Your Campaign

That's it! Don't forget to test your campaign before promoting it to your audience.

  • Access the Lead Capture Page live page URL

  • Enter your name and valid email address then submit

  • After submitting, you will be redirected to the Thank You Page

  • Check your email service if your name and email address is captured in your list

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