Add a 1-Click Upsell Offer

Integrate a one-click upsell offer with your sales page

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Adding an Upsell offer in your sales funnel is a great way to get your customers to spend more. (e.g. "Would you like fries with that?").

Tip #1: A prospect is *MOST LIKELY* to buy from you immediately after they've purchased from you. That likelihood gets less and less over time. So, use this funnel *immediately* after a successful sale.

Tip #2: Based on our research, we found that the average upsell funnel will *immediately* add 15-30% to your sales. Bluntly speaking...NOT having this funnel is like throwing money down the drain.

Tip #3: Use "one-click-upsell" technology to overcome the friction of asking a customer to RE-ENTER their credit card. Since they already purchased, provide a "1-Click-Order" button (just like amazon does) to make purchasing your "upsell" easy.

Add a 1-Click Upsell Offer

1. Create a Sales Funnel

Before creating your Upsell Page, you need to have a Sales Funnel that is already integrated with a payment provider.

2. Add an Upsell Page in the Funnel

Click the add button [+] at the lower right corner of your funnel builder to add a page to your funnel. Enter the title of your page, then click OK (e.g. Upsell Page)


3. Select a Page Template

Click the Special Offer tab to see the templates specifically made for one-click upsells and special offers then select one. You may also select a template from a different category or choose to create one from scratch.

4. Set the CTA Button Actions

After selecting your template, the Page Editor should load.

4.1 Click the CTA button in the page, then click the gear icon to slide out the Button Settings.
4.2 Click Button Actions from the settings
4.3 Select Purchase Items (Card on File) from the dropdown. 

If there is no button on your template, click the add button [+] on the upper right corner of your page and drag a button to your page.


5. Set Up the Payment Settings 

After selecting a button action, you'll see the option for Payment Settings. You can click on that directly from the button action settings or from the side panel of your Page Editor. 

The Payment Settings window will appear where you will be asked to select which payment provider should be used for the upsell transaction (same payment provider on Step 1) and the amount of the upsell item to be purchased. 

Payment Settings through Button Settings 

Payment Settings through the Page Editor Side Panel

6. Connect the Upsell Page to the Check Out Page

Once your set up is done, click My Funnel on the upper left corner of your Page Editor to go back to the Funnel Builder. Click the up arrow above the page number of the Upsell Page to place it between the Check Out Page and the Thank You Page. 

7. Publish the Funnel

Publish the funnel to test it out. Make sure to complete the purchase in the Check Out Page, then click the one-click upsell button in the Upsell Page. You should expect to see 2 separate transactions in your payment provider.

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