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Connect a Merchant Provider to Collect Payments
Connect a Merchant Provider to Collect Payments

Once the merchant provider is integrated to your funnel you can start collecting payments from purchases on your page

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A merchant provider or payment gateway is a 3rd party tool that collects credit card payment online. Assuming you have already have a merchant provider, you can start collecting payment from customers through your site. 


These are the merchant providers that you can integrate with 10 Minute Funnels through API. Click to locate the API credentials.


1. Go to your account settings by clicking your avatar at the upper right corner of your 10MF account

2. Select 3rd Party Integrations

3. Select your Merchant Provider from My Integrations

4. Paste in the API credentials copied from the Merchant Provider then click Save


1. Open your Order Page or Check Out Page for editing
2. Click Payment Settings
3. Select the Merchant then click Next
4. Enter the amount of the item to be sold, then click Next, then click OK


1. The CTA button action on the Lead Page should be "Purchase Items (New Card)"

Click the button on the page, and select Button Action from the settings sidebar, on the drop down select "Purchase Items (New Card)"

Selecting this option ensures that all the information entered on the form fields (e.g. name, email address and credit card information) are submitted to the Merchant Provider after the button is clicked.

2. There should be a Thank You Page connected to the Order Page

After customers click the button to submit the purchase in the Order Page, they should also be redirected to another page informing them that their purchase was successful.

If you have selected the Simple "Straight Sale" Funnel when you created the funnel, you should already have a Thank You Page in your funnel. Just click the Start button of Thank You Page from the Funnel Builder to start editing your Thank You Page.


3. The funnel should be published

Once you've done all the steps above, you can publish your funnel and test if it works.

Click the Publish button then click Visit Page Now to test the funnel. 

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