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Track where your page visitors are coming from by adding a tracking URL to your different traffic sources.

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Traffic Source Tracking Components are used to generate a unique URL that you will use to track where the traffic or where your visitors are coming from. For example, if you want to post your Lead Capture Page URL to your Facebook page, the Facebook traffic source will provide you with a unique URL of the Lead Capture Page that you can paste to your Facebook page. If you want to post the same Lead Capture page in a different traffic source like your Twitter account, the Twitter traffic source will provide you with the unique URL of the Lead Capture page that you can paste in your Twitter. 

When a prospect visits that unique URL, it will immediately redirect them to your Lead Capture Page. Since the URL is unique, you will know whether they're clicking from Facebook or Twitter. Having a unique URL for each traffic source can track the number of visitors, where the visitors are clicking from and where your sales are coming from. 

Tracking Traffic Sources

1. Open your campaign and click Campaign Settings

2. Select Open Drag-and Drop Builder

3. Click the Add [+] button

4. Select Tracking

5. Drag a Traffic Source component to your campaign and connect it to the page in your sequence where you want your visitors to be redirected to (Example Facebook Traffic Source Component)

6. Publish the funnel

7. Click the Traffic Source component to get the tracking URL to appear on the upper left corner of the screen.

8. Copy the tracking URL and paste it to your traffic source (Example: Paste the URL to your Facebook page)

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