The Simple Sequence Builder is a listed view of your campaign elements thumbnails with basic options for editing the campaign.

To access the Simple Sequence Builder, click the campaign from the dashboard to open the Campaign Builder. By default, the builder is set on the Simple Sequence Builder.

Campaign Settings

  1. Campaign Name - click the text and start typing to change your campaign name

  2. Domain Name - a default domain name will appear here if no custom domain is assigned. It usually looks something like this:

  3. Start Building - This will take you to the Page Builder to start editing the first page of the campaign

  4. Campaign Settings  
    Connect a Domain Name - click to add a custom domain name to the campaign
    Open Drag & Drop Builder - access the Drag & Drop campaign builder
    Campaign Tracking Codes - add 3rd party tracking codes to your campaign

  5. Publish - click to publish all the pages in the campaign


Campaign Components and Components Settings

  1. Campaign Components - all of the pages and components in the campaign arranged in a list with a thumbnail view of the page template

  2. Page Name - click the text and start typing to change your page name

  3. Start - this will take you to the Page Builder to start editing the page selected

  4. Page Actions
    Edit Page - this opens the Page Builder to start editing the page.              
    Preview Page - this opens up a new window with a preview version of the page.
    Rename Page - rename your pages so you can easily identify each one.
    Delete Page - this deletes the page from the campaign.
    This is My Home Page - setting a page as a home page allows that page to have the main page URL (e.g.

  5. Add [+] Button - click to add a page to the campaign


How are pages in the campaign connected?

By default, when a button is clicked on a page, it will redirect to the next page in the funnel. 

However, you can also set a button to redirect to specific URL, refer to Button Settings.

How do I exit the Simple Sequence Builder?

Click the Menu icon to slide out the menu the click dashboard to view all your saved campaigns

How do I go back to the Simple Sequence Builder?

From the page builder, click the [BACK] button to to go back to the Campaign Builder to view all the pages in the campaign.

From the drag & drop builder, click the Campaign Settings dropdown and select "Open Simple Sequence Builder"

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