The Drag & Drop Builder

View your campaign with a bird's eye view, drag and drop campaign components and link pages by dragging arrows from one component to another

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The Drag & Drop Builder is a flexible and powerful visual campaign builder that allows you to control every aspect of your campaign by simply dragging and dropping, and moving around elements in your campaign just like you would move magnets on a refrigerator.

Open the Drag & Drop Builder

On the campaign you're working on, click "Campaign Settings" and select "Open the Drag & Drop Builder"

On the campaign canvas, each component is represented with a "thumbnail image" like the ones you see below. 

Add a Campaign Element  

Click the Add [+] button to slide out the campaign elements menu. Select the type of element you want to add (eg. pages or traffic sources)

To add more elements to the campaign click the Add [+] button to slide out the campaign elements menu.

On the left side of the menu are categories of components you can add to your campaign such as pages and traffic sources. If you want to add another page to your campaign, select the "pages" tab and select the type of page on the right side of the menu, then drag it to the canvass. Click here to learn more about Pages and Traffic Sources. [ADD LINK]

Connect Campaign Elements

Connecting campaign elements automatically redirects a visitor from one page to another after clicking a button on the page.

On this example, we will connect a Lead Capture Page to a Thank You Page. Once this is done, when visitors click the CTA button on the Lead Capture Page, they will be redirected to the Thank You Page.

Hover to the page where you want the connection to start from. A semi-circle with an arrow will appear on the right side of the page. Just click the arrow from the initial page and drag it to the page you want to connect it to. 


Delete a Campaign Element

To delete a campaign element, click the down arrow next to the element name and click "delete"

Delete an Arrow

To delete an arrow, hover to the middle of the arrow and click the "x"

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