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Adding & Customizing Headlines & Text

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Add a Headline or Text to a Page

Click the Add [+] Button to slide out the Page Elements menu. Click the Headline or Text element from the menu, then drag it to a section on the page.


Text Content Editing

Whether it’s a headline or text object, to edit the text just start typing!

To format the text to bold, italicize, or underline, highlight the text to show the formatting options or use keyboard shortcuts:

  • Bold - ctrl + b

  • Italicize - ctrl + i

  • Underline - ctrl + u


Property Settings Menu

Click the [settings icon] to load the property settings of the Headline or Text element to change the following:

  • Typography (Font Style, Font Size and Font Color)

  • Line Height

  • Position & Padding

  • Alignment

  • Text Actions (for the Text element)


Typography Settings

You can change the follow text settings:

  • Text Content

  • Font Style

  • Font Size

  • Font Color

Position & Padding Settings

  • Position - You can move the object’s position upward or downward

  • Padding - You can control the space around the text.


 Alignment Settings

You can set alignment of the text or headline object to the left, center, or right.

Text Actions

You can select an action to be triggered when the text object is clicked.

  • Do Nothing

  • Go to the next page - redirect to the next page in the same funnel

  • Go to a Specific Page - redirect to a page in a campaign or redirect to a specific URL

  • Download a File

  • Show a Popup Window

  • Submit this Form

  • Purchase Items (New Card)

  • Purchase Items (One Click Upsell)

  • Toggle Add/Remove To Cart

  • Show / Hide Items - show or hide page content from the same page

  • Create / Update Tag

  • Switch Tabs - show the content from a specific tab in the same page

Other Element Options

Click the dropdown arrow next to the settings icon of the element or right click on the element to show the the other options.

  • Cut - the element will be removed from the page and can be pasted in another part of the page or on a different page

  • Copy - the element will be copied and can be pasted in another part of the page or on a different page

  • Paste Below - a copied or cut element will be pasted below the selected element

  • Rename - the element will be renamed instead of having the default element label

  • Duplicate - the element will be duplicated and placed below the selected element

  • Delete - the element will be deleted from the page

  • Headline Settings - it will open the settings menu on the left side of the screen

  • Help with Headlines - it will open up a new tab and redirect to a help article about the element

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