How to Begin

Learn the basics if you're just getting started and learn how to create a funnel from start to end

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Go to and log in with your account credentials. 

Click [Create a New Campaign] to start creating your first campaign

Search for a campaign template. Type in a keyword or filter templates by skill or goal. To learn more about how the campaign works, click the “Details” button.

Click “Launch” to start working on your new campaign. 

Give your campaign a name by hovering to the existing campaign name and clicking the edit icon  

Inside the campaign, you will see the pages for the campaign. Edit the page name by hovering and clicking the page name. Then click [Start] to start working on the page.

Choose a template for the first page. We have pre-built page templates that you can choose from. You can preview the template before selecting it. When you’ve decided on which template to use, click “Use This Template”

Start editing the page to make it your own. 

To EDIT TEXTS, click on the text object and start typing!

To MOVE PAGE ELEMENTS, click on the object you want to move and simply drag it towards a section on the page and drop it there!

To CUSTOMIZE PAGE ELEMENTS such as size, positioning, alignment, padding, etc., double click the object to open up the object settings. 

To ADD PAGE ELEMENTS such as images & videos, and other page objects,  click the [+] at the upper left corner of your screen, select the element you want to add, and drag it to the canvas and drop it on a section on the page

To DELETE AN OBJECT, select the object, then click the arrow down next to the label, then select delete.



  • Click the [Publish] button at the top right of the page. 

  • Then click the page URL to see the live page.

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