The Page Builder

Choose and edit a page template, connect your autoresponder, integrate your merchant, optimize SEO, preview and publish your page.

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Aside from editing & customizing pages in your campaign, the Page Builder allows you to publish a page and make it available on the web. It also allows you to connect to third party integrations such as an email autoresponder service to collect contact information from page visitors or process a payment to make a purchase. It also allows you to set up your page’s title & description for SEO. 



The Page Builder has 2 menus. The Side Menu and the Top Menu.



Side Menu


Top Menu


Main Menu - access to the :

Page Title
- by the default, the page title is the name that shows up at the end of the page’s URL. Eg. “”


- click to preview the page you’re working on. When you’re working on a page and making customizations, you can preview the page before publishing it.

Publish - the publish button applies any changes you’ve made on page and makes those changes available on the live version of the page. 

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