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Edit & Customize Pages in Your Campaign
Edit & Customize Pages in Your Campaign

Learn how to use the edit option in the Page Builder to customize your page through the drag and drop feature

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The 10 Minute Funnels Page Builder lets you easily build and edit pages in your campaign. You don’t need to have coding skills to edit and make changes on your pages. Simply drag and drop page elements into the page. And if you want to make customizations, every page element can be adjusted through its own easy to use property settings.


The Page Canvas

Click the [Editor Tab] from the Side Menu to load the Page Canvas. The canvas is where all the action takes place. 


The Responsive Switch

You also have the option to view the page in different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile, or full view). You can edit and customize the page object’s styling, spacing, and position according to these views. 


Add a Page Element on the Page

  • Click the [+] button on the top left corner of the page editor to slide out the web page elements that you can add to your page.

  • Click a page element and drag it towards a section on your page, release the mouse to drop the element on the page.


Page Element Property Settings

These are examples of elements that can be found on your page. Each element has its own setting properties. 

To load the property setting of the element, either click the settings icon or double click on element. 

You can adjust and customize the size, position & padding, alignment, colors, and other customizations. 


Property Setting Options

Click the [settings icon] of the object to slide out the property settings of that object. Click the [down arrow] to access the controls of each setting.

All page elements can be…

  • Resized

  • Positioned to go upward or downward

  • Add padding around the object (add space around the object)

  • Align the object to the left, right, or center

Aside from the settings mentioned above, each page object has its own unique property setting. 

See the property settings of each page element, click the tutorials below:


Move or Drag an Object to Another Section on the Page

  • Click the object’s label to select the object, then drag it to the area where you want to move the object. 

  • When dragging the object, a placeholder cursor appears on the spot where the object will be placed. 

  • Release the mouse to drop the object.


Selecting Page Objects

When selecting page objects, you can use the “breadcrumbs” found at the bottom of the page. This is especially useful when you have objects inside Columns & Containers or if it’s closely placed with another object.


Duplicate or Delete an Object

  • Click the object and click the dropdown arrow beside the object label.

  • You can also delete the page element by pressing the delete button from your keyboard.


Undo Action

You can do an action you have performed on the canvas. For example, if you dragged an object to another section by mistake, you can undo this action.


Publish a Page

To Publish the Page, click the publish button at the top right corner to publish the changes you made on to the live page.


View All Campaign Pages

Click the [back arrow] to view all the pages in your entire campaign.


Access the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard to see all the campaign's in your account, click the [Main Menu] button. This also gives you access to…

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