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You can access and view all the components of your campaign in the Campaign Builder

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After selecting a campaign template in your dashboard, you will be taken to the Campaign Builder where you can view all the pages in your campaign and all other campaign components. 

There are 2 ways to build your campaign. Through the Simple Sequence Builder or through the Drag & Drop Builder. 

By default, the builder is set on the Simple Sequence Builder. To access the Drag & Drop Builder, click the Campaign Settings and select "Open Drag & Drop Builder"


2 Ways to Build & View Your Campaign:

[Option 1] The Simple Sequence Builder
- the campaign is viewed through a list pages in your campaign following the order or sequence of which each page is presented to page visitors. You can also edit, add, or delete a campaign component from this view. 


[Option 2] The Drag & Drop Builder - You have a bird's eye view of your entire campaign. You can drag and drop campaign components, re-arrange them, and link components to a sequence (or order) by dragging arrows from one component to another.


To go back to the Simple Sequence Builder view, click the Campaign Settings and select "Open Simple Sequence Builder"

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